In my everyday life I constantly find myself using forms, or on websites and critiquing the UX in my mind as I go — a side effect of my profession as a UX designer.

Recently, I stumbled upon one of the best, most streamlined onboarding experiences I’ve ever seen (or used!) and I was dying to share it — Shazam.

I’ve been using the Shazam app for years and it never asked me to create an account. However, one day recently I opened it to find a sign up screen. Quite frankly Shazam is one of the best Free apps available and I use it often enough that I thought — why not create an account and save all those lovely songs I’ve been Shazaming (if that’s even a word!) for years.

Typically when I use Shazam, however, it’s because I’m already frantically trying to open it and hit the Shazam button before the song I can hear ends, so at first I dismissed the sign up. But after my song was stored I happily clicked on the ‘Log In’ button in the menu — and boy was I in for a sweet surprise.

First screen I’m presented with I choose to use my email. On the next step, the keyboard automatically pops open, my email is already filled in for me(thank you!) and the next field is in focus already and optional, wow… all I have to do is click ‘Next’.

The next screen tells me to check my email, so off I pop to the Gmail App. I open Gmail and I check my new email. I click confirm it opens Shazam, syncs all My Shazams to the account and I’m done!

It was all over so fast I was filled with delight at this.

Shazam onboarding experience screens — 3 click confirmation

There was so little for me to even do, I never had to type anything (unless I wanted to) — all I had to do was click 3 buttons.

Thank you Shazam for providing a world class onboarding system for your users, it is truly a delight to use!

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