Pesto is awesome for the candida diet, not only because of the raw garlic and basil’s anti-fungal properties but also because it’s just so yummy! It can go on sandwiches, on the side of salads or with gluten free pasta.

10 minute mouthwatering pesto!

10 mins
Makes enough for about 6 meals (3 heaped tablespoons per meal)


50g almonds
Handful each of sunflower, chia, sesame & pumpkin seeds
2 large packets of fresh basil (or the more the merrier!)
150ml olive oil (keep approx half set aside)
3-4 garlic cloves



Pop everything into a blender with half of the oil.

While blender is on, slowly feed in the rest of the olive oil.

If the pesto gets stuck on the sides of your blender, turn off the blender and scrap down the contents into the bowl.

Blend until you have the desired texture –  I like it quite chunky 🙂

Serve on gluten free bread, on the side of a fresh salad, with gluten-free pasta or dip fresh crunchy veggies into it!

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