Spiralizer €30 €19.95

I don’t think I could live without one of these – especially on this strict diet! I eat lot of gluten free pasta and brown rice, but when I want my body to have a break from stodgy carbs I try to use spiralized courgette (zucchini) instead. The spiralizer (currently on sale at Arnotts) is also great for salads, I just love to make ribbons of cucumber and carrot for those warm summer days.

Food processor €100 €69.95


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When there are such a limited set of ingredients you can use to cook with like on the Candida-diet, you need a good food processor as a partner in the kitchen. Everything is made from scratch on this diet so the processor helps you to make so many great sauces, dips, snacks and smoothies. Mine is a Russell Hobbs Aura (currently on sale in Arnotts €69.95 for only and I cannot recommend it enough. Check out my Pesto recipe and Guacamesto recipe for some ideas for this gadget.

Cup measures €10

cup measures

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I’m not from the US but a lot of the recipe blogs I follow online come from there, so this is a must-have accessory for any healthy foodie. Having easy to use cup measures to hand makes cooking and baking in the kitchen so much faster. I have the Kitchen Craft Colourworks cup measure set and the same brand Measuring spoon set – a great combo for any foodie!

Magic Mayan €3.50 per bar

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If your candida-dieter friend or family member hasn’t tried this yet, they will thank you dearly. Magic Mayan produces a range of sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free chocolate that after months of being off chocolate, is simply divine. You can buy it from their online shop and at only €3.50 a bar, it’s a great little gift to fill those Christmas stockings. My personal favourite is Atlantic Magic – a beautiful salted chocolate that will melt in the mouth.

Goodness gracious desserts €24

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This is my all time favourite find of the last year on this diet. You can get these gorgeous desserts online which are sugar and dairy-free, and pack a punch of flavour making them the perfect guilt-free desserts. Get a selection of 6 for only €24 and believe me, it IS worth every penny! The best part is that you can keep them frozen so they last as long as you want, all you need to do is defrost them 15mins before you eat them – yum!

Health food shop voucher

I spend a lot of money in health food shops – whether it’s for gluten-free, dairy-free or sugar-free foods, or simply for supplements to aid in the healing process I could always use a helping hand here. If you’re in Ireland too, the only shop that sell vouchers online is Health Matters. I’m surprised none of the other shops like Holland & Barrett, Nourish and The Health Store offer vouchers online, but check out their shops as they might have cards available there.

Specialist food shops

donnybrook fair

There are loads of specialist food shops in Dublin that sell a wide range of gluten-free, sugar-free and dairy-free alternatives. Donnybrook Fair have a number of locations including Donnybrook, Baggot St and Grand Canal Dock. They offer both Gift Vouchers a gluten-free hamper and have a wide range of products you could choose from to create your own mini hamper. Read more about candida-diet essentials here.


Mortons in Ranelagh and Hatch St also have a lovely gluten-free hamper or if that’s out of your price range, why not hand pick a few items from their shop and make your own candida-friendly hamper. Read more about candida-diet essentials here.

good food store

Image courtesy of the Irish Times

The good food store in Ballsbridge and on George’s st also offer gift vouchers and a selection of hampers in store. On this diet I use a lot of really good quality organic extra virgin olive oil, organic avocado oil and organic apple cider vinegar (I live off the stuff!) so a gift with a selection of these would be wonderful and useful for any candida-dieter.

I hope this gives you just a few small ideas for that awkward person in your life who seemingly can’t eat anything.

Wishing you all a happy holiday season!